WordPress homepage: static page or recent posts?

WordPress homepage: static page or recent posts?

When WordPress started in 2003, it was a blogging platform. At the time, it was not even possible to create pages. The default homepage of your WordPress website would show your latest posts.

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Now, WordPress is a full Content Management System (CMS). However, the homepage still shows your most recent posts. Fortunately, when pages made their introduction to WordPress, a setting was added to show a static page as your homepage rather than your most recent (blog) posts. If you’re building a website rather than a blog, you don’t want a homepage that shows your latest posts.

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Setting up a static homepage

To get started, create a new page in WordPress by going to Pages > Add New. As a page title, use “Home”. Next, click the blue Publish button on the right of your screen.

Once your page is published, go to Settings > Reading. The first option will be to show either your latest posts or a static page (see screenshot below). Click “A static page” and select your newly created page as your Homepage. Then, click “Save Changes” in the bottom of the settings page and you’re done! Your homepage will now show the page you created.

Homepage static page WordPress
Setting up a static homepage in WordPress

It is also possible to select a “Posts page”. This option will come in handy when you do want a blog on your website, just not on your homepage. If this is the case, create a new page called “Blog”, go back to Settings > Reading and select that page to be your “Posts page”.

WordPress themes

Some WordPress themes come equipped with various templates for creating your static homepage or blog page. The theme we are using on WPLounge.org is one of them: our homepage is showing our latest posts, but it is actually a static page with “blocks” that load our latest posts.

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