Start selling personalized products on WooCommerce with Instant Design Tool

Selling personalized products through your online store, can now easily be done with the WooCommerce plugin from Instant Design Tool.

With this print-on-demand drop shipping plugin, you can rapidly start selling personalized products like; calendars, photobooks, T-shirts, mugs, gift items and, console skins and wall decoration.

In this article, we will explain all the features of this brand new plugin.

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Software for product personalization

The Instant Design Tool software suits every web shop owner looking for ways to offer their customers the ability to personalize existing or new products.

The tool offers tons of options to personalize products with photos, text, clipart, shapes, templates and photo editing features. On the website of Instant Design Tool, you can set up a customized tool that matched your brand within minutes.

Once you complete the setup, you’ll receive a login that will give you access to the management panel. The management panel includes; real-time customer data, a back office and a shopping cart. You can also add or delete products and design and upload your own templates.

White label drop shipping

No time or money to keep inventory or hire staff? No problem! Instant Design Tool has a reliable printing partner that takes care of the printing, white label packing and worldwide shipping.

It’s also possible to connect your own printing facility to the tool. The flexibility of options makes it possible for you to decide what does or doesn’t  fit your strategy and vision.

Personalized custom products

The tool offers a wide variety of on-demand products from which you can choose. For example; business cards, wine-boxes, tiles or posters. Besides these products, it is also possible to have custom products added to your tool.

Lets say you already sell toys, hoodies or advertising material in your web shop and you want to give your customers the tools to personalize the product. Instant Design Tool will add these custom products to your tool, so customers get a unique personalized item from your online store.


You can set up a design tool for free on Instant Design Tool website. The free package (silver) includes 10 PDFs (orders) per month. The gold package offers you up to 250 PDFs for € 75 p/mo. The platinum package offers you up to 1000 PDFs for € 250, – p/mo. It’s also possible to purchase single PDFs.

If you want to sell photobooks with the use of the tool, you need to purchase the photobook add-on. With the add-on you receive the first 10 photobook PDFs for free. In case your customer demand grows, you can always upgrade to 250 (€75,-) or 1000 PDFs (€250,-).

Personalization software suitable for every device

Whether you use the tool on your mobile, desktop or tablet. The responsive HTML5 web app makes sure the tool adapts to deliver the best user experience on any device.

Users can also upload their favorite pictures and images from social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.

Multi-language support

The design software currently supports English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Slovakian. The fact that the tool is available in multiple languages, together with the worldwide delivery option, makes it the perfect tool to scale-up your business and marketing strategy. Adding another language is also possible in consultation.

Download and integrate the WooCommerce plugin

The WooCommerce plugin of Instant Design Tool can be easily downloaded from the WordPress plugin page. After downloading and installing, you go to the plugin settings and enter the generated token (see included installation manual). Once the token is entered and the tool is linked you are ready to start selling personalized products in your web shop!

Roger Overdevest

Owner of WPLounge.nl, the biggest Dutch blog about WordPress.