How to create a survey form in WordPress

How to create a survey form in WordPress

By surveying your visitors, you can gather important information for data-driven business decisions. In this article, you will learn how to create custom survey forms in WordPress by using the best and most convenient plugins.

There are many useful plugins to create survey forms. However, the downside is that some plugins exchange data with third-party servers and some have a limited number of forms or possibilities to collect visitor responses. Therefore, it is recommended to choose for plugins presented in the WordPress.org plugin repository, such as ‘Form Maker‘, ‘Formidable Forms‘, ‘WPForms‘ and ‘Quiz and Survey Masters (QSM)‘.

According to the WPLounge team, QSM and WPForms are considered the best starter WordPress survey form builders. These plugins also manage to maintain a steady 4.5 to 5.0 rating with more than 20.000 active installations. In addition, the plugins assure users that no sensitive data is tracked.

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Sensitive data

Let’s walk through creating a survey form by using QSM respectively WPForms.

Creating a survey by using QSM

First, install and activate the plugin. Check out our blogpost on “How to install WordPress plugins” for more information on installing plugins. Once you installed the plugin, go to Quizzes/Surveys > Add New and choose a name.


Once you click on Edit, you’ll see what a basic survey creation interface looks like

Survey interface

ContactThe interface allows you to add new questions or collect contact details for your survey respondents. For instance, go to Contact and see how easy it’s to select contact information to include in your survey.blank

QSM also provides the possibility to insert dynamic information. Go back to the interface, click on Text and you’ll see template variables. You can apply these variables in the message displays and easily configure your survey.

You can add surveys on your WordPress site by simply copying and pasting the Link shortcode displayed in Quizzes/Surveys. Go to Results to view collected data provided by your respondents.

Creating a survey by using WPForms

Creating a survey form by using the WPForms plugin requires you to purchase WPForms Pro, Install and Activate it. Furthermore, you’ll need to create a blank form before you can add your survey form fields.

Once you have done that, you can add many features to your survey form fields. For example, you can choose for Dropdown, Checkboxes, Text Fields or choose for the Multiple Choice option.

Let’s insert one of the most common features in a survey, the Multiple Choice fields. You can add these in a blank form template by simply clicking on the Create a Blank Form button. Create a survey form in WordPress

When you go to Name, you can also choose to collect user information. In Field Options you can further customize which fields a respondent is required to fill in.

Once you’re finished configuring your survey form, click the save button and then go back to your WordPress admin.

Publish survey

In order to publish your survey in WordPress, you’ll have to create or edit a page/post. Click on Add Form in the post editor, select your survey presented in the pop up and click Insert Form.

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