How to allow users to delete their WordPress accounts

How to allow users to delete their WordPress accounts

As a website administrator, you carry responsibility for your users’ personal data, but you are also obligated to comply with the GDPR. Therefore, you have to make sure that your WordPress website enables users to unregister themselves.

WordPress websites often ask visitors to register and login. This usually happens with WordPress membership websites, blogs with user submitted posts, or webshops. However, there are two compelling reasons why your users should be able to delete their own registered personal information:

  • To comply with the GDPR (New General Data Protection Regulation, enforcement date: 25 May 2018).
  • To ease privacy-conscious users.

In most cases, users first have to ask the website administrator through a contact form in order to delete personal information. In this article, we’ll show you how to allow WordPress users to delete their own account.

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How to allow users to delete their WordPress accounts (step-by-step)

The “Delete Me” plugin allows users to delete their WordPress accounts. After activation, visit the Settings > Delete Me in your WordPress admin for configuring the plugin settings.

Allow users to unregister in WordPress

Select which user roles are allowed to delete their account and click Save Changes. You can also change the link styling and information that users will receive before deleting their account. By default, WordPress will redirect users to the homepage.

You can also test it by switching to a user account. Please check out: How to impersonate another user in WordPress to learn more about switching to a user account.

Log in and visit the Profile page, you will now see a “Delete Account” hyperlink.

Allow users to unregister in WordPress

Once users click on the hyperlink, they’ll receive a warning message that the plugin will delete their account and previously posted content. When users proceed, the plugin will continue to permanently delete.

How to allow users to delete their WordPress account on a Custom User Profile Page

When your WordPress website uses a custom user profile page, you can add a “Delete Account” button by simply adding a shortcode:

[plugin_delete_me]Delete Your Account[/plugin_delete_me]

Pay attention: Once a user clicks the button, all of their previously posted content will be removed. Therefore, make sure to add a clear warning message. As an admin you can only recover data if you didn’t remove it permanently in the trash section.

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